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Pokemon Sword and Shield Has Retailer-Exclusive Pre-Order Content

Retailer exclusive content is reportedly coming to Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, though, so far, this content is only confirmed for release in Japan. More specifically, reports state that two different online retailers, Amazon and 7 Net Shopping, will each offer their own pre-order exclusive DLC, and this DLC will vary based on the edition a player orders. This means that fans will need to pre-order both Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield from both of these retailers to get access to all DLC.
The DLC being offered with Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield pre-orders is a range of customization options for the player character. The Amazon Japan-exclusive pre-order DLC will be the “Stud Leather Boston” and the “Stud Leather Backpack.” The Boston will be exclusive to Pokemon Sword and the backpack is exclusive to Pokemon Shield. It’s not clear if the Boston and backpack are gender-exclusive at this time.
7 Net Shopping’s pre-order exclusive DLC for Pokemon Sword and Shield includes a full outfit, rather than the back gear Pokemon trainer customization offered by Amazon. The outfits will include orange workout pants, an orange workout jacket, and an orange baseball cap, each with black highlights, as well as a black undershirt. Unlike Amazon Japan’s pre-order DLC, it’s confirmed that Pokemon Sword‘s bonus will be solely for the male player character and Pokemon Shield‘s will be for the female protagonist.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.
Source: NintendoSoup

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