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RAW Looks Like The Ultimate GTA RP Game

RAW, a sandbox MMORPG with a focus on social structure and realism currently on Kickstarter, looks like it could be one of the most ambitiously immersive open-world games yet, if it can live up to its potential. Developed by Killerwhale Games and heavily inspired by Arma Life, Rust, and the Grand Theft Auto series, RAW boasts an intense focus on the social aspects of real-world interactions, including a government mechanic that can see players become mayor of their own small towns and a business system that will let players hire and work for each other.
With over a million views on their Kickstarter trailer and $100,000 already pledged, RAW is clearly striking a sweet spot with players, but some wonder if they are promising too much. RAW is the first project by Killerwhale Games, and it’s a big one. From the construction of the cities to the taxation of player’s earnings, RAW promises a gameplay portrayal as realistic and accurate as possible, including parking fees, the need to refuel your vehicles, and the need to build gas stations and car lots in the first place. Any MMORPG is a challenge to develop, but the vast scope of RAW’s proposed systems coupled with the small size of Killerwhale’s development team has worried some players.
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Fortunately, Killerwhale Games seems to understand the challenge that lies ahead. Gameplay systems on this scale require a massive amount of time, effort, and coding, and in a recently released FAQ they said that their company’s biggest priority post-Kickstarter was hiring more programmers and 3D-modelers. While many of the game’s main systems are fully realized in text form, there has not yet been any gameplay videos of these proposed functions released, save for one demonstration of vehicle driving and mechanics, and this lack of tangible evidence has begun to make some backers uneasy.
Recently, drama within RAW’s Discord server resulted in multiple users threatening to pull their funds, and the promise of an IndieGoGo campaign immediately following the game’s Kickstarter has led some to wonder if the developers are only in this for the money. Comparisons to GTAV’s graphics, coupled with an unusually small development team with an often-standoffish attitude, has not helped alleviate these concerns. While Killerwhale has admitted that the early access release will not contain all of the features that they would eventually like to include, they have promised to continue to refine the game in hopes of achieving their vision.
As of this writing, RAW has raised more than $30,000 over their original goal, and that number is constantly increasing. There have been dozens of other seemingly-fantastic ideas funded on Kickstarter and never heard from again, and it’s not hard to imagine that Killerwhale Games, if indeed legitimate, is at least in a little over it's head. To deliver what they are promising will take hard work and dedication, and only time will tell if RAW ends up being the sandbox MMO that GTA Online always wished it could be or if it will go the way of Project Phoenix. Any project as ambitious as this one, however, is worth keeping an eye on.
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